Bananaphone (cellular modular)

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Out of curiosity, if I were to organize some sort of hockey mini big bang (10,000 word minimum) running from about the beginning of December to the end of January, say, who would be in?

(A few of us need excuses and a deadline, guys. Come enable!)
Bananaphone (cellular modular)

Dear straight people on the internet:

Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, you're embarassing yourself.

How the fuck is the word "dyke" more reclaimed than the word "fag"? It isn't. Women are simply more used to deflecting hurtful words and therefore we're a little better at it.

Fuck you the word "faggotry" hasn't been reclaimed by the gay community. The F-word? Seriously? Get over yourself. Go get off the internet and talk to a few queers and you will hear all of that and worse thrown around.

No one made you the internet police. Go get butthurt on someone's else's behalf because I sure as hell don't need moralizing idiots trying to make themselves feel better by getting offended by something that DOES NOT AFFECT THEM.

Between this and having to yell at Lisa's brother last night for telling his sister that her lifestyle is too unnatural to raise children, I am just so fucking tired of this shit. Don't me go pink hulk all up on your asses.